HIGHWATER Will Be Available Everywhere 4.20.21!

You heard it here, my next project will be titled HIGHWATER & will be available anywhere you can buy, download, or stream music!

It will be:

A Full Length Project

10 Tracks

Im super stoked for you guys to hear the new record, because, more than anything I feel it shows how far my progression continues to go.

The record has an old school Lo-Fi Hip Hop vibe, which I love.

I also wanted the project to flow well and fit together cleanly, project fluidity & cohesion is a really big thing for me, immersion is super important.

Every record presents something different to me throughout the production process, this one in particular was also a kind of challenge to myself in a way to make a more conceptual record.

I experimented with concept structure a bit more on this record, honestly I think it’s definitely a ride worth taking.

I want the listener to have my music be the soundtrack / score of their lives, no matter what you’re doing, where or who you are, I want you to LIVE to my music.

Not Just dance to it.

Not just party to it.


In whatever way that applies you, and have my music fit into your life.

That is what I believe music & its magick is & should be..


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